After actress Aisha Abimbola passed away in Canada after battling cancer in 2018, her colleague and dear friend, Lola Alao took full custody of the two kids she left behind.

Morenikeji, the second daughter of the late Aisha turned 13 today and Lola ensured she celebrated her to the fullest.

Sharing the post on her Instagram page the actress wrote;

Join me to celebrate my darling daughter Morenikejimi AISHAT Ibrahim as she is +1 today, I wish you knowledge, understanding and wisdom in good health. You shall live to declare the glory of God in your life. I love you my angel❤️❤️

The mum of one, Lola, who was a bosom friend of the late actress, took full responsibility of the welfare of the kids after her death.

This however, did not occur without some legal drama from the husband of the late actress, Victor Ibrahim and his family who made all attempts to have the custody of their two kids (Keji and Lase) who Lola Alao had been taking care of since her friend died.

Lola Alao however won their full custody after a Canadian court ruling.

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