Popular Nigerian American based actor, Bigvai Jokotoye has expressed sorrow over what he saw on his lecture note during a class in the US.

Nollygistvibes recalls the Yoruba actor recently became a US citizen after five years of relocating to America for greener pastures.

The actor’s high reputation got revoked when the Nigerian scam was a case study of a common internet scam in a class of people from different countries.

Sharing a video, he was moved to tears that his country, Nigeria is getting famous over illegal means stating it is hard on me and a shame to him because the entire class all know he came from Nigeria.

He wrote:

I’m filled with so much sadness right now, this is hard on me. Posting this right from my computer science class at Clovis College, California. Everybody knows I’m originally from this country, Nigeria but look at this SHAME.

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