Nigerian professional footballer, Mikel John Obi, celebrates his beautiful twin daughters as they mark their 6th birthday.

Mikel Obi shared pictures and videos of the adorable celebrants marking their birthday lovingly.

He also wrote a loving note to express how happy he is about them and how lucky he is to be their dad.

He wrote: Happy 6 birthday 🎂 🎂 to my angels. So proud and so happy to see you two grow up to be the ladies you guys are and want to be. Strong, brave,full of confidence and most importantly full of joy and happiness. I love you guys so so much and so lucky and proud to be your daddy ❤️❤️my world 🌍

In the same vein, their mothers took to Instagram to celebrate their girls with beautiful words.

She wrote: Happy 6th birthday my peanuts! You are both super courageous, brave, smart, resilient and always full of beans. Thank you for choosing me to be your mummy 💕

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