Controversial Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday has revealed all her years of being extremely nice is now paying off for her.

This comes after many colleagues, fans and followers of Nkechi Blessing surprised her with lots of gifts both in cash and kind for her mother’s burial.In a post shared on Instagram, Nkechi Blessing said that her mother’s death had taught her not to stop being good to others.

Nkechi Blessing recalled how she once complained about people not doing anything for her irrespective of giving to others.

According to Nkechi Blessing, she is overwhelmed with the love and support she has received from people adding that she has not even spent anything for her mother’s burial.

She wrote: One thing my mother’s death taught me so far is*NKECHI BLESSING SUNDAY Do Not STOP being GOOD all my years of being extremely nice to all and sundry is paying off.

I remember making a post one time that I am the one always doing for people no one has ever done anything for me but fast forward this moment, I am not even spending one kobo of my money, Not like I even have..

Haaa GOD will embarrass you all with blessings. my thank you post will come after the burial cus of a truth people stood up for me.

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