” My Doctor Said I Am Not Pregnant But I Am Adding So Much Weight Lately” -Bobrisky Disclosed

A good number of people most especially public figures freak out whenever they see they gaining weight or gaining weight in a specific part of their body. The reason is that they always want to present a picture-perfect look to the public or fans that have always admired their good looks.

One of Nigeria’s controversial celebrities, Idris Olaranwaju popularly known as Bobrisky’s has disclosed to fans how she has been gaining unusual weight lately. A note of worry was traced in her statement when she said her doctor had confirmed that she is not pregnant, so what exactly could be the reason for the sudden weight gain.

It could be recalled that the crossdresser complained about this some days ago on her Instagram handle. The video she posted some days ago complaining about this same weight gain showed Bobrisky’s face had gained a lot of weight.

Complaining that she is still gaining unusual weight even after her doctor has checked her shows that something is amiss. Could it be as a result of the portion of food she has been consuming lately or she has not taken work out and exercise seriously?

If it’s not so, what could be the cause of unusual weight gain?

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