‘You still sleep with Ayinde after your wedding’ Newly married Actress Olayinka Solomon and MC Oluomo’s alleged babymama fights dirty

Nollywood actress Olayinka Solomon is currently at war with her colleague Mariam Muftaudeen the alleged babymama of NURTW boss MC Oluomo.

It was recalls Olayinka Solomon, who was allegedly one of MC Oluomo’s side chick before her marriage, introduced Mariam to MC Oluomo for a one night stand, but things took a different turn as her friend fell pregnant for him.

This led to a fight between Olayinka Solomon and her friend Mariam, and she advised MC Oluomo to stop giving Maria money.

According to the report, MC Oluomo confided in Olayinka Solomon that if the pregnancy news gets to the media, it will ruin his political ambitions.

However, Maria Muftaudeen has opened up a fresh can of worms after she and Olayinka Solomon met at the birthday party of their colleague Kunle Afod.

In a series of rants shared on her Instagram page, Maria accused Olayinka Solomon of sleeping with several men even after her marriage.

Maria also questioned Olayinka’s audacity in calling her child fatherless when she had three children from three different men before her recent marriage.

MC Olumo’s alleged babymama also dragged Olayinka for peddling rumours about her dating her colleague Kunle Afod and refusing to greet her when they met at a recent event.


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