3 Nollywood Movies Instagram Comedienne and Actress Lizzyjay Sang It’s Soundtrack

Adeyela Adebola known as Lizzy Jay”Omo Ibadan is popularly known to be an Instagram, skit maker, brand influencer and actress, But few of her fans and followers knows she also has a hidden talent in singing, and interestingly she has done some movie soundtracks which she did perfectly well, which can also make her to be called a soundtrack artist.

The Ibadan Polytechnic graduate who has carved a niche for herself when it comes to skit making, is no doubt a talented comedienne as seen from most of her contents on her Instagram page that has over 1.6 million followers. As she also drops some of her musical skills for there world to see.

“Omo Ibadan” has fondly called who use to be part of ace movie producer and director Abiodun jimoh’s movie production team before she left has done so many soundtrack movie, but let’s take a look at these three which are Agbokolori, Tokuwa and Adaaba.

1) Agbokolori

is a movie which tells the story of (Jumoke Odetola) casted as Juwon, she was an ace broadcaster in the movie, and was doing well for herself, until her decision to get married which didn’t ended up well, Lizzyjay did a yeoman’s job with the soundtrack as it corresponds so well with the movie.

2) Tokuwo

is another movie she did the soundtrack, she kept our ears in perfect concentration and decorum, as it was so soothing to the ears with the lyrics and rhythm collaborated together to give a good production.

3) Adaaba

Is a movie that featured Jumoke Odetola, Saheed Balogun, Sunkanmi Omobolanle and many more. The movie is all about two couple and their act infidelity, Lizzyjay didn’t disappoint in the soundtrack as she made us listen to the better part of the song than watching the movie itself.

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