Biola Adebayo, a Yoruba actress, congratulates Joke Muyiwa on her doctorate degree.

Joke Muyiwa, a veteran Yoruba actress, just received her doctoral degree and posted a photo of herself in her graduation gown on social media. Biola Adebayo, a younger colleague, published the photo on her Instagram profile to congratulate her on her recent achievement.

Biola praised the woman and advised young girls looking for a role model to keep an eye on her senior colleague.

She had written:

“Finally!!! Congratulations ma, I rejoice with you, I celebrate you ma. Young ladies, are you looking for a role model? Watch her closely……,She is an actor, A pastor, A mother and a grandmother, A lecturer in reputable institution(s) with a doctorate degree. “@iamjokemuyiwa I celebrate your hard work, I celebrate the grace of God upon your life and pray that you will continue to go from grace to grace in Jesus name. Congratulations Maami.”

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