Bukunmi Adeshina Praise Nkechi Blessing Saying “I Have No Idea Why You Love Me”

Bukunmi Adeshina has turned to social media to thank her coworker Nkechi Blessing for always adoring her.

Bukunmi Adeshina shared a photo of Nkechi Blessing with the caption: “I don’t know why I adore her because she doesn’t give me any reason.”

Bukunmi Adeshina captioned a photo of Nkechi Blessing:

I really don’t know why you love me. Not like I gave you any reason to. But You just do effortlessly. Shoutout to the only Brand Influencer I know, that would be recommending another Brand influencer to a company working with her. Still finding some selfless people in a world filled with selfish people, competing with one another everyday, with every single opportunity, is not an easy thing. Whenever you find one, appreciate and celebrate them. @nkechiblessingsunday I SEE YOU BIG SISSY. AND I LOVE YOU TOO. 🥂❤️

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