How Baba Suwe’s First Son, Adesola And Yomi Fabiyi Are Helping Him Return To The Movie Industry

If it’s possible, I believe many Nigerians would do everything to have popular Yoruba veteran, Babatunde Omidina popularly known as Baba Suwe back on the TV screen more regularly, isn’t it? It might be hard to see him frequently but his first son, Adesola Omidina and Yomi Fabiyi Is gradually helping the veteran return to action in the industry.

Babatunde Omidina also known as Baba Suwe became inactive in the industry after his ordeals which led to a very serious illness that almost took the life of the veteran actor. However, with good surgical medical treatments and help from notable Nigerians, the actor survived, defeating the terminal disease. Although still far from the yesteryears Baba Suwe but the veteran is living very well and with the help of his son and younger colleague, Yomi, he is gradually making his return to the industry.

How Adesola Omidina and Yomi Fabiyi are helping the veteran return to the movie industry?

Adesola Omidina is the first son of the popular veteran who is walking the career path of his father. Like his father, Adesola Omidina is an actor, producer and director who is actively involved in popular Yoruba movies shot these days. Adesola Omidina stands beside his father during his ordeal, the popular filmmaker was always there for his father when he needed him.

Adesola Omidina as a filmmaker is doing his best to bring his father back into the movie industry. As a movie producer, Adesola Omidina included him in some of his movies which includes Alasela and also produced a series titled the ‘Suwe’s family

Yomi Fabiyi who has always been a fan of the veteran actor and also helped the veteran during his ordeals is doing everything to ensure the veteran actor returns to continue entertaining Nigerians. The popular filmmaker featured Baba Suwe in some of his movies which includes his recent movie “Abete”.

Although he doesn’t act like the old Baba Suwe we grew up to watch but, amazingly, the veteran is finding his feet in the industry again. Adesola Omidina is a doting son and Yomi Fabiyi is a rare human being.