“Take A Bold Step Today Towards Your Goal” – Actress, Funke Akindele

It is not out of place to have people set goals for themselves which they intend to achieve over a given period.

However, it is not everyone who works towards achieving them.The fear of failure is a major reason. Truthfully, success will be hard if sacrifice and pain is not involved. If anyone tells you that there are shortcuts to success, the person is obviously not after your best interest.

It is important to have courage and not retreat at the slightest sign of setback. You might also have to make up your mind and take certain calculated risks and overcome that fear within you.

In a recent Instagram post, Funke Akindele stated clearly that “fear and anxiety” should not take over anyone in a manner that hinders his/her goals from being achieved.

In her own words;

“It is time to start talking to yourself. Fight that fear and anxiety!!! Take a bold step today towards your goal and gradually you will get there.”