Fans Comment Over Actress Yetunde Bakare’s Outfit In A Recent Video

Popular Nollywood actress, Yetunde Bakare has stirred many reactions online through a recent TikTok video which she posted on her Instagram page. The video sparked many concerns and shock from her fans and admirers.

In the short video, the popular Nollywood actress was seen dancing as usual but what caught the attention of many people was her outfit. The popular Yoruba actress wore brown leggings which matched her skin color.

She looked almost nak*d in the video due to the resemblance of the colour of the leggings to her skin color. This new fashion trend from the celebrity sparked many reactions from her fans.

Watch video below;

Many of her fans were surprised and shocked at this. They took to the comment section to show how shocked they were. They all talked about the leggings and the resemblance to her bare laps. Many of her fans could not even differentiate or detect that she was wearing leggings. Some thought that the celebrity was not wearing anything under. Check out some of the comments below