‘He’s the best in my 2021’ Actor Alesh shares adorable photos of his son, recounts how he almost commits suicide


Yoruba Nollywood actor Alesh Sanni has taken to social media to share adorable photos of himself and his son as he recounts the experiences of the year 2021.

In the post shared on his Instagram page, Alesh Sanni said the year 2021 came with so much joy, happiness, and unlimited grace that he became a father.

However, things took a new turn in the middle of the year as things became rough and tough, making him sad and humiliated.

Alesh Sanni expressed appreciation to his parents and everyone around him, adding that he almost committed suicide two months ago.

He wrote: The last quote for the year… 2021 started with so much joy and happiness, unlimited grace… a new name was added to my father (father) Middle of the year was rough, tough, I was sad, was humiliated.

Today the last day of the year, I thank God, my parent and the good people around me because I almost committed suicide 2 months ago..

I learn something this year, just live your life for yourself, nobody cares how you get shit together, stay happy and trust no one.

I will never and can never love again… that word is a scam..family is all that matter. Thank you 2021.

In a subsequent post, Alesh Sanni wrote: The best in my 2021. thanks for coming into my life @worldbest_aayan

It was recalls Alesh Sanni Ola recently revealed that travelling out of Nigeria changed his life.

This comes after a Twitter user claimed that many Nigerians abroad aren’t better than those who never left the country.

According to the man, except for pictures taken in the snow, many people have returned to Nigeria after 20 years abroad to realise they haven’t progressed better than their contemporaries.

The post reads: Except for pictures taken in the snow, many have returned for holidays after 20 years abroad to realise they haven’t progressed better than contemporaries who never left. A stud earring and chewing gun loudly at 50+ doesn’t cover the embarrassment.

Reacting to this, Alesh urged the man to speak for himself and stop generalising, adding that his life is now better after leaving Nigeria.

Speak for yourself pls …… I’m better now than before oooooo. if you know, you know abeg … yankee changed my life baba miiiii